Stonehenge Investment Partners is a premier Asia and U.S.-based boutique private equity and advisory firm focused on providing real estate investment management and advisory services and M & A orporate and strategic advisory services to (a) real estate investors based in Asia, the United States and the Middle East, (b) private firms seeking financing ranging from private equity, joint-ventures and M & A and (c) family offices seeking to deploy capital and structure for succession and tax efficiency purposes.


Stonehenge is a private real estate investment management and advisory firm founded in 2009 that advises real estate firms, boutique financial institutions, family offices and value add investors.
We operate a North American and Pacific investment and advisory platform pursuing strategies and opportunities in the Americas and Asia.
We collaborate extensively across the globe with our team and our global partners providing


●Real estate investment management services
●Real estate advisory services from project finance (debt and equity arrangements and structures) to development and asset management services
●Focused M & A and restructuring consulting services with a focus on American and Asian businesses